Who is the best web hosting in Namecheap vs Hostocron – 2020

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About This Post (Who is the best web hosting in Namecheap vs Hostocron – 2020)

This time we will talk about Namecheap and Hostocron. It is a platform providing both hosting and domain names.

Which gives you Cheap Domain for less money. Which is the demand of everyone, who is excited to create a blog or website.

Today’s entire post is based on both these websites. In this post, we will discuss those websites, their security and services etc.

Read this post to get information about it.

Namecheap Webhosting Website

It Is a foreign company. The Namecheap website is certified by ICANN. Which is a platform, who provides your domain and hosting. Which provides you with hosting and domain names.

It was founded in 2000 by CEO Richard Kickredle. It is an American company, one of the fastest growing companies due to its service, safety and support.

It is known for its unique service. Due to this, it is now one of the best company in the world with more than 10 million domain names.

Security of Namecheap

Internet can be a very dangerous place. One small mistake can be expensive. Cyber-criminal can harm you or your customers by stealing your identity or any important information.

For this, they provide you some special features. With which you remain absolutely safe.

For this, he gives you some special facility. Which we will discuss below.

Namecheap VPN

Whios guard

Premium DNS

SSL Certificate

Why choose Namecheap for security?

It is famous for providing convenience to its customers. It provides equal protection to all customers.

For Your Security

It provides the top two bi-factor authentication and Whios privacy protection to protect its customers.

Protect your customers

Here you have the facility of SSL Certificate. Through this, your customers also get protection.

If you buy SSL Certificate from here, you get money-back guarantee, the best browser ubiquity, free site seal.

Safety for all

The SSL Certificate is for one and more domains and smaller and larger domains for everyone. Safety measures are available here for every business and budget.

Other Features

Apart from the facilities mentioned above, some other facilities are also available.

Uptime – 99.9%

Money back Guaranty – 1 Weak Or Seven Days

Support – 24/7/365

SSL Certificate


Hostocron Web Hosting Website

Hostocron is a Hindustani company. Which is known for providing domain and hosting services.

It is one of the websites providing hosting and domain facilities. Which was established in 2017.

It aims to provide better hosting facilities in less money to more people.

Hostocron’s facilities

This is a new hosting provider website. Which is made in 2017. Despite this, it gives you some facilities.

As written below –

Uptime = 99.9%

Note: – It is a point to note that every company states its Uptime = 99.9%, Support = 24.7.365.

You should take special care of these things while buying hosting. Take complete information of that website with it.

Support = 24.7.365

SSL Certificate

SSD Storage

Fast Response or live Chat Facilities

Plans of Hosting

We meet here Hosting plans in Rs 49. This is the cheapest plan. This is the startup plan of web hosting. Which is useful for a month.

Their cost keeps on increasing or less. With this you get the following offers.

As written below –

1 – Website

10 GB Storage

100 GB Bandwidth

note :-

To know more about this website, you can read our previous post. We talked about it in our previous post.

Last Word of This Post (Who is the best web hosting in Namecheap vs Hostocron – 2020)

Today we talked about Namecheap and Hostocron in this post. From which you must have received some important information.

We hope you liked this post. First, thanks for reading this post.

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