What is Web Hosting? Complete information

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About this post {what is web hosting}

In this post (What is Web Hosting), we will talk about web hosting. Many people are blogging due to lock-down.

Web hosting is required for store the website on the Internet and reach to people.

Today we will talk about web hosting in this post. What is web hosting? how many types of it?

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a type of Internet service. Web hosting provides the facility to store your website files.

In other words, web hosting is the internet service offered to a person. With the help of which a person can post their page on the Internet.

The best web hosting gives your website space. Where your website stays safe.

How does web hosting work?

With the help of web hosting, your website reaches the logo. Through which the person gets the necessary information.

When a person opens a browser. Searches any URL or name of a website in the address bar. So those contents are loaded in front of them. By which people can read your website.

Types of web hosting

There are many types of web hosting. The types of web hosting are based on their work. Today we will talk about five types of web hosting.

  • Shared server hosting
  • Virtual private server hosting
  • Dedicated Server hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • Word press hosting

Upstairs we talked about different types of hosting. All Hosting has different functions.

Which hosting should you use for your website? It depends on the requirements of your website.

Shared server hosting

We can know Shared server hosting by its name only. In Shared server hosting, many websites can use a hosting together.

We can understand this through the example of a hostel. Just like you share your accommodation in hostel with many people.

In the same way, many websites can use this hosting together. All websites have an equal share in it.

This type of hosting is cheaper than other types of hosting. If your budget is low, you can use this Shared server hosting.

Disadvantages of using Shared server hosting

By the way Shared server hosting is very good hosting. In the beginning it is very good for you. Because it is very inexpensive.

But the problem comes later. When traffic comes to your website. Your website is famous.

Increased server load increases with more traffic coming to your site. Your loading speed is very low according to your traffic.

It takes too much time to load your paper.

Virtual private server hosting

We know virtual private server hosting as a flat. In which people live together. Yet they remain separate from each other. They get the right to privacy. They pay their rent separately.

Virtual private server hosting is also similar of it. There are many websites in it. But they are different from your server.

Virtualization technology is used in virtual private server hosting. In its Physical Server is divided into several parts.

So that when your website is famous. Then the load on your server does not increase. If you have a low budget. But you want use a facility like Dedicated Server hosting. Then you can use it.

Dedicated Server hosting

In Dedicated Server hosting you are completely different. The way you live in a luxurious house. Which has no right to anyone other than you.

You have to spend more in this. In which you can take all kinds of facilities.

 You get different facilities in this type of hosting. only You have control on its server.

In this, you can use a website. only It contains the content store of your website.

Only one man spends this. This does not increase any type of load on the server of your website.

It is mostly used in e-commerce or digital marketing.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is much more popular. It is different from all other types of hosting. In this, many servers together control a website.

It does not increase load. If your server is unable to serve due to a problem. So, at that time, he sends all the traffic of the site from one cloud hosting to another. Which makes your site available to people?

This does not stop the services of the site even after the server is spread. This type of hosting can control a website with more traffic.

This does not affect the loading time of your website. In this kind of hosting, only those things have to be paid. Which you use.

Today, cloud hosting is the most running. Because it is different. Although their plans are very expensive.

But in today’s time its very cheap plans have come. It has some website names: 1 – Volte, 2 – Digital Ocean. You can get it very cheaply by visiting these websites.

Word press hosting

 Word press hosting is used for Word press sites. It acts like shared hosting. In this type of hosting, the server is only useful for Word press.

In this way you are given some plug-ins in hosting. Which keeps your site safe? It makes it easy to maintain your site.

Its server speed is also very good.

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