Hostinger vs Fastcomet Detailed Comparison 2020

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About This Post (Hostinger vs fastcomet-detaited-comarison-2020)

Today we will once again talk about the two best web hosting companies. Today we will talk about Hostinger and Fastcomet.

We will talk about the facilities of these websites and their history. With this we will compare between the two websites. Which website is better for you?

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    Hostinger webhosting:

    Hostinger is one of the best web hosting companies in India. This is a very reliable website. Here you get very good plans for hosting and domains.

    Hostinger was founded in 2004. It was founded in Mecanas, Lithuania. Which tries to give you the best web hosting. The company provides domain and hosting services to 29 million customers across 178 countries.

    15k new customers are created on this website every day. That is, a new customer is created in 5 seconds every day.

    The present-day chairman of this company is Arnus Stupelis and CEO Bales Cricacianas.

    FastComet webhosting:

    FastComet was established in 2013. FastComet is one such platform, who provides the best hosting facility in good plans to people.

    It tries to provide you the best hosting. In 2013, it started as a small company with 50,000 individuals.

    Which gradually became the choice of the people. After which she soon changed to Best Web Hosting Company.

    Hostinger vs Fastcomet Detailed Comparison-2020

    Service of Fastcomet Website:

    The Fastcomet Website offers a variety of hosting facilities for your convenience. He tries to provide maximum facilities and services to his customers.

    Fastcomet Service  
    Shared hosting Cloud VPS Hosting Dedicated Hosting SSL Certificates Site Builder Domains

    Web Hosting Support  
    The Fastcomet company is known for giving Services more people in a much shorter period of time. Therefore Fastcomet provides you 24/7/365 Support. With this, its response time is also quite good. Due to the desire of 10,000 people on this website, it provides 15 minutes of Response Time to the people. In which it tries to solve as many problems as possible in the shortest possible time. He tries to solve 83% of the problems in less than 15% of the time.  

    Fastcomet Security  
    Security is very important for any person. Because in today’s time malicious people become very much. There are increasing cases of bonnet attacks, misuse of site, uncontrolled site, malicious traffic and spam etc. At such a time, security of your website is first.   It gives you complete protection. He assures you of your safety. With this he provides you with a backup of every day.  

    Data centre and its location  
    Ten data centre have established in the countries below Fastcomet. So that their customers can get more facilities. America Europe Asia Oceania   You can avail more than 40% discount on Fastcomet plans.
    Service of Hostinger Website  
    Hostinger is a very famous website. Which tries to provide webhosting service.  

    All Services of Hostinger  
    Web hosting VPS Hosting Minecraft Server Hosting Cloud Hosting WordPress Hosting E-mail Hosting CMS Hosting Ecommerce Hosting Free Web Hosting Website Builder Cheap Web Hosting Web Design Services  

    Web Hosting Support  
    Hostinger provides you 24.7.365 Support.  

    Server security  
    Hostinger Website is a very famous and old website. Due to this, its experience is also quite high. Due to which it gives you very high and strong protection.  

    Data centre  
    Hostinger’s name comes in the world’s best hosting website. There are data centres to handle any big website. Similarly, Hostinger also has many data centres. Hostinger’s data centres are established in 7 places in the world.
    as written below-
    Brazil Indonesia Lithuania Netherlands Singapore United Kingdom United States of America  

    Offers Of Hostinger   Free SSL Certificate E-mail Website Free Domain Money Back Guaranty

    Hostinger vs Fastcomet What’s the best for Webhosting 2020

    Hostinger vs Fastcomet – expected the best for Web hosting 2020

    You have known both these websites. You can use these websites to buy hosting.

    My opinion for buying hosting is that you buy from Hostinger. Because this is a very old website. It is a reliable website with this.

    Due to which he has more experience. He gives you more comfort. With this he gives you a good protection.

    Conclusion of This Post (Hostinger vs Fastcomet Detailed Comparison-2020)

    We hope that from this post you have got some important information about Hostinger vs Fastcomet Detailed Comparison-2020.

    We will keep writing similar hosting based posts in future also. If you liked this post, then share it more on social media.

    If you have any problem related to hosting, you can share it with us. We will try our best to resolve it.

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