Best Havells Air Fryer

Best Havells Air Fryer Reviews In India 2019

Best Havells Air Fryer Reviews In India 2019
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Havells India Limited is the country’s foremost and fastest moving electrical goods(FMEG) producer, manufacturing different electrical products both consumer and Industrial. Now Havells air fryer are highly accepted all over India because of their super performance. Their presence in the fast moving domestic appliances industry is well established and Havells air fryer models are now commonly found in India kitchens.

It is a good that, the company works in accordance with the Make in India Project and has a wide production and distribution network in and outside India.

Just like the other air fryer types in India, Harvells also uses the special rapid air technology.You can do a lot of things such as toasting, grilling, frying, reheating with hot air when you use Harvells air fryer.

Their air fryers are one of the best deep fryer products in India, specially designed for you to enjoy oil less food and a less oily cooking pot. Asides reducing the amount of oil in your food, it gives you the balance between health and taste.

What are the Best Havells Air Fryer Models in Indian Market?

To maintain good health and proper fitness, one needs to reduce oil intake and fried foods. But it is not easy to stop eating these kind of foods. They are very delicious and we tend to always want to eat it no matter how much we try to stay away.

With the use of Harvells air fryer, you can now reduce calorie intake while you still enjoy the yummy taste of fried foods. Harvells gives to you 2 of their air fryer brands in the most recent and easiest way of cooking healthy food for your family.

1. Havells Prolife Digi – The new Havells Digital Air Fryer Model

Havells Prolife Digi

Havells Prolife Digi is the newest and the fastest selling of the Havells digital air fryer model in India. It comes with a patented round shaped basket that has slot on the sides to enable air circulation. Also, you can bake, grill, toast, roast, fry with Havells Prolife Digi Air fryer because it has a special unique rapid air technology that makes your food 85% less oily than the usual deep frying.

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It also has air filtration system that filter out irritating odours leaving your kitchen with no kind of odour what so ever. It has 4 litre cooking capacity and its air frying cooking basket has a separate that enables you to cook different food items at the same time thereby saving time.

This air fryer also comes with a timer and an auto off feature with a temperature control function. All these features makes your cooking fast and easy and aids better result. For instance, you can make French fries in less than 12 minutes with Havells Air fryers.

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2. Havells Prolife Plus – The old Havells Analog Air Fryer Model

Havells Prolife Plus

Havells Prolife plus is an analogue air fryer model manufactured by the company. This air fryer also lets you roast, grill, bake, toast and reheat food with hot air making it less oily than that of the traditional deep frying because of its special rapid air technology.

Havells Prolife Plus Air fryer has auto-timer and temperature control features. These allows for faster and better cooking. Havells air frying basket has a separator that enables you cook separately at the same time. This saves your time and reduces stress. It has a 2 litre capacity food basket with an additional 4 litre pan. Sticking does not occur because the food basket is made with non stick food grade aluminium.

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What About Havells Air Fryer Reviews?

To everyone, their family’s health is very important to them and healthy cooking is an important way of ensuring good health. Havells air fryer can be useful in different ways such as baking, cooking, grilling. So around 95% of Havells air fryer reviews are very positive from its customers. Only 5% are complaining about their air fryers.

Here is my Havells Air Fryer Review.

Quality and Convenience

Convenience and quality are two major important things Havells air fryers lay emphasis on. It has a regulator that enables you set the temperature depending on your needs up to 200 degree Celsius. The cooking basket also have slots which aids proper heat circulation, so as to have a faster and better cooking experience.

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Safe to Use

Havells air fryers are safe to use. They are specially designed in such a way that it shuts automatically when the basket is removed. It has 2 litre food basket and 4 litres pan capacity. The baskets are coated with non stick aluminium and its power usage is 1230 watts.

Auto Shut Power Cut System

Havells air fryer comes with an integrated timer and an auto shut power cut system so your food will not get burnt when you are not nearby. Because different foods need different level of temperature to cook, this air fryer enables you to control the temperature according to your needs.

Smart Kitchen Equipment

The Havells air fryers are very easy to use because of their cool touch handle and the basket release button. That is not the end, cleaning of Havells air fryers are also very easy. The food basket can be removed and washed. We need to praise the manufacturer for the innovative air filtration system that takes out odour and leaves your kitchen clean and odourless while frying.

Havells Air Fryer Vs Philips Airfryer

Philips is the first company to ever manufacture an air fryer, a modern kitchen gadget that enables users to fry different foods with ease using little or no oil. Worldwide, they still remain the largest selling air fryer brand. So people always makes comparison with Philips whenever a new air fryer model hits the market.

Philips viva collection HD 9220 Air fryer vs Havells Prolife Digi.
MODE OF OPERATIONDigitalManual Knobs
COLOURBlack OnlyBlack, White
CORD LENGTH0.8 Meter0.8 Meter
RECIPE BOOKYes,but only few itemsYes
WEIGHT4.0 Kg7.0 Kg
WARRANTY2 Years2 Years
ONLINE AVAILABILITYBuy from Amazon.inBuy from
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  • Multipurpose Machine: Havells air fryers are designed to perform different functions either frying, grilling, roasting or baking. This makes it a versatile kitchen gadget.
  • Compact Design: Havells air fryers comes in a portable table top design enabling you to put it in any part of your kitchen.
  • Automatic switch off Function: While frying your food with Havells air fryer, you can do other things in the house or watch your favourite TV show because of its auto shut off feature.
  • Easy to Clean: Havells air fryers are easy to wash because they can be dish washer.
  • 2 Year Warranty: Havells hot air fryers also have 2 year warranty covering it.
  • No colour choice: With Havells air fryer, you do not have enough choice when it comes to colour. They come in black and chrome colour. However, majority of the air fryers in India comes in either black or chrome colour. Except for a few other air fryer models like Kenstar Oxy fryer that comes in another colour entirely.
  • Limited Recipes in the Recipe book: The recipe book that comes with Havells air fryer has just few numbers of recipe in it.  This is not much of a problem because you can find enough YouTube videos and free air fryer recipe books online.

My final Thought.

At this juncture, you might be wondering if it is worth it. This depends on what you want. Because it has a number of usefulness does not make it good for you and the fact that it has few negative points does not make it bad either.

If you seek me for advice, I would say it is a good buy for your money. If you like, you can take Havells air fryer as your family health companion and have a wonderful, tasty and healthy oil free cooking.